KPA Level 6 Diploma in Professional Accountancy

fee* (Subject to option chosen)

£1200 (£200/unit)

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Subject area: Accounting and Finance
Qualification number: 603/3050/8
Units: 6
Guided learning time: 711.5 hours
Total qualification time: 727 hours

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This Level 6 Diploma is an advanced learning and professional development programme, providing an in-depth understanding of accountancy, finance and business. It helps participants build the technical knowledge, professional skills and practical experience required to progress to the Advanced level of the ICAEW/ACA qualification.

The diploma is targeted at those in professional accountancy practice who have completed the ICAEW ACA Certificate level (CFAB) qualification.

Holding the CFAB is an entry requirement unless you have been granted exemptions by the ICAEW, with the exception of the Law CFAB module which can be taken at any time.

Within this diploma there are 5 mandatory units, and one optional unit which must be chosen.

Mandatory Units

Financial Accounting and Reporting: IFRS 

  • Financial statements, financial reporting and ethical issues
  • Meeting IFRS requirements
  • Consolidated financial statements

Audit and Assurance 

  • Assurance - terms of engagement, standards, process and planning plus regulatory, professional and ethical issues
  • Mitigating risk
  • Concluding and reporting on assurance engagements

Financial Management

  • Capital requirements and financing options
  • Identifying and managing price and overseas trading risks
  • Appraising investments and calculating business and share value

Business Strategy and Technology 

  • Business objectives, technology developments, market position and direction
  • Using data to evaluate strategic choices
  • Strategies to meet an organisation’s objectives
  • Strategy implementation and performance monitoring/measurement

Tax compliance

  • Obligations and ethics of paying tax and implications of non-compliance
  • Calculating VAT, stamp tax, capital gains, inheritance and corporation tax
  • Calculating income tax and National Insurance contributions

Business Planning: Taxation

  • Tax consequences and regulations
  • Interaction of taxes
  • Minimising tax liability
  • Difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance
  • Legal and ethical issues, applying IESBA and ICAEW codes and PCRT guidance

Assessment method

Computer-based examinations


Full details of this qualification can be downloaded below

Download the full qualification details (PDF)

Download the permitted text for use during KPA Level 6 Diploma in Professional Accountancy (RQF) exam (PDF)

Support Documents

Audit and Assurance Data analytics software (Inflo) (PDF)

Examiners Reports for December 2021

Audit and Assurance (PDF)

Financial Accounting and Reporting IFRS (PDF)

Tax Compliance (PDF)

Examiners Reports for July 2021

Financial Management (PDF)

Business Strategy and Technology (PDF)

Business Planning Tax (PDF)

Examiners Reports for December 2020

Audit and Assurance (PDF)

Financial Accounting & Reporting IFRS (PDF)

Tax Compliance (PDF)

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