All fees

The fees are for certification of award only and do not include the cost of any course or training. Please contact your training centre for specific charges relating to training and course provision.

Accountancy and Finance

Qualification Title Level Number Fee
KPA Level 3 Certificate in Payroll Processes 3 600/2148/2 £120
KPA Level 3 Certificate in Pensions Administration 3 600/2148/2 £175
KPA Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance (RQF) 4 603/5883/X Available upon request
KPA Level 6 Diploma in Professional Accountancy 6 603/3050/8 £1200 (£200/unit)

Additional fees

Replacement certificate: £20
Appeal: £50

Centre Visit fees

Additional External Verification Visit: £250
Centre Approval Visit: £500
Additional Centre Approval Visit: £250

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