You can develop a bespoke qualification for your company

Defining a qualification requires a particular blend of skills.
But that doesn't mean it's beyond your reach.


The advantages of having you own award are many

  • Your training needs can shape the syllabus, not the other way around

  • You can add units of study that are particularly relevant to your organisation, in addition to the fundamentals you require

  • Your employees will value the personalisation of their qualification

  • It sends a powerful statement to all in your sector – you are both committed to, and strategic about, investing in your staff and company development


KPA is proud to have the specialist expertise necessary to develop bespoke named awards in accounting and finance and business management. These are designed to satisfy you but also the stringent requirements of Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).

How to create your own reward


We will develop your award in partnership with industry bodies including training providers, colleges, universities and sector representatives, and you of course.

It’s vital the qualification bearing your company name will deliver the required development of both your employees and your business. That’s our aim throughout.

Ready to develop your own award?

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