KPA Level 4 Award in New Technologies For Business (RQF)



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Subject area: ICT for users
Qualification number: 603/6169/4
Units: 1 mandatory
Guided learning time: 25 hours
Total qualification time: 35 hours

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This qualification has been developed specifically for middle and senior managers and small business owners, or those advising such individuals, who need to appreciate what new and emerging technologies can mean for businesses.

The aims of the qualification are to ensure that participants:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the technology
  • Define the basic technical aspect of the technology
  • Identify the uses of the technology within their business sector
  • Relate the potential application of new and emerging technologies in their businesses

Drawing on real-life examples, New Technologies for Business offers a measured yet detailed look at a range of new technologies such as Blockchain, AI, the Internet of Things and cloud computing, as well as considering the implications of functioning in a digital age. Ultimately, this qualification empowers attendees to have informed conversations with those responsible for realising the full potential and guarding against the threats of the new technologies that are now available.

Upon successful completion, learners will achieve a nationally recognised KPA Level 4 Award in New Technologies for Business (RQF).

Mandatory units

New Technologies for Business

This qualification offers the learner an understanding of a range of new technologies used in business, from blockchain and AI to cloud computing.

In addition to the above, the learner will gain an understanding of the implications of the concepts of functioning in a digital age and digital marketing being dominated by the Internet of Things, and realising its potential, whilst guarding against the threats that new technologies can bring with them.

This module will provide learners with practical knowledge of the current business management theory and practice.

Assessment method

TThis qualification is assessed by a 45 minute multiple-choice computer-based exam.


Full details of this qualification can be downloaded below

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