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1. Introduction

This document sets out the standards and principles of our Ethical Code of Conduct. As an approved KPA centre, you are required to commit to and promote and uphold all aspects of our code of ethical conduct as shown below. This commitment is an upfront requirement and part of condition ‘4i’ in our Centre Approval Agreement. In addition, it is a requirement that this commitment, for all staff members involved in the delivery, assessment or internal verification of KPA qualifications, is reaffirmed on an annual basis.

KPA is regulated by Ofqual, and this policy is aligned to Ofqual’s Handbook on General Conditions of Recognition.

1.1 Purpose and scope

This policy lays out our guiding principles on the ethical conduct expected by staff members of KPA approved centres. The declaration, at the end of this document, must be signed by the Head of Centre or responsible person on an annual basis in order to retain the ‘approved’ status as a KPA centre. The declaration is to be signed and returned to

1.2 Confidentiality

Information provided by candidates or stakeholders under this policy will be treated as confidential, and only be shared with the persons necessary when considering the claim/request.

1.3 Review of this policy

This policy will be monitored by Kaplan Professional Awards (KPA) and any necessary amendments will be made and implemented at the earliest opportunity. As a minimum, KPA will review this and all associated policies on an annual basis as part of its ongoing quality assurance procedures.

2. KPA Ethical Code of Conduct standards and principles:

2.1 Ethical standards and integrity through own professional competence and behaviour

  • exhibit professional and personal integrity and honesty at all times, acting as a role model for maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct
  • establish, maintain and develop professional relationships based on confidence, trust and respect
  • offer advice, guidance, services and support only to the level at which you are competent and qualified, openly referring onward to appropriate fellow professionals as needed
  • demonstrate a willingness to accept responsibility and remain accountable for all your professional decisions and actions, welcoming evaluation of your work
  • champion teaching, learning and assessment practices that promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion
  • demonstrate and promote sensitivity to the customs, practices, culture and personal beliefs of others.

2.2 Ethical standards and integrity through professional competence and behaviour across centre staff members

  • demonstrate and promote sensitivity in respect of confidential centre information and individual agreements
  • refrain from sharing resources and confidential assessment materials outside of the approved centre.

2.3 Your own professional status when representing the wider industry

  • always act in a way that supports and upholds the reputation and values of the professional education setting
  • as a positive role model, afford respect and dignity to all fellow professionals
  • comply with relevant current legislation and do not encourage, assist or collude with others who may be engaged in unlawful conduct, taking action as appropriate
  • be mindful of the distinction between acting in a personal and professional capacity.

2.4 Health, safety, education, and training

  • ensure that all tutors, assessors, quality assurance staff and others within your scope of responsibility are courteous, adequately qualified, and carry out their role with appropriate skill, care and professionalism
  • commit to the provision of ongoing training for yourself and your staff, actively seeking to update knowledge and improve professional skills in the context of your programme offer
  • promote safe working practices in relation to products and services offered, and comply with regulations prescribed by the HSE or any other legal or governmental regulations
  • commit to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of your staff and learners at all times, and ensure appropriate safeguarding measures are in place when required.

2.5 Marketing, publicity, and fair trading

  • represent all offered qualifications and training programmes fairly and honestly in all aspects of sales and marketing activity, so that the public understands fully the nature, quality and fitness for purpose of the product or services being offered in accordance with their varying needs
  • ensure that all use of social media platforms to advertise, promote or market your centre is legal, decent, honest and truthful, and meets the requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority
  • engage in proper and ethical standards when soliciting business in line with the above point without making or publishing false or disparaging statements concerning a competitor or competitors’ products.

2.6 Learners as customers

  • ensure that your centre’s contractual terms and conditions are written in plain language, and that any quotation for a programme of learning leading to a KPA qualification, or general price lists and sales terms are clear, correct and do not confuse or deceive customers (learners)
  • ensure all relevant financial agreements meet the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority, and provide information to customers (learners) accordingly of their rights under any such agreement, where appropriate
  • safeguard all confidential and personal data acquired as a result of centre/learner relationships, and do not use it for personal advantage or the benefit or detriment of third parties
  • upon enrolment and payment to your centre, ensure customers (learners) are aware of the standard terms and conditions that apply to their contract with you, including all appropriate policies and procedures such as complaints and appeals.

Signed Declaration:

I confirm that, on behalf of _________________________________, I have read and understood the requirements of KPA’s Code of Ethical Conduct and that all staff members involved in the delivery, assessment or internal verification of KPA qualifications will follow the standards and principles provided.



Name of Centre: