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Choose from our Ofqual regulated qualifications in Accounting and Finance, designed by specialist developers to help candidates realise their potential. Whether you’re an employer, centre or individual, our leading-edge professional qualifications are your next step to success.

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  • Quality assured Our qualifications are regulated independently by Ofqual and developed to meet the requirements of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).
  • Access for all We design qualifications and assessments with ‘access for all’ in mind. Simple layouts, clear language, a digital test platform with assistive technologies and options for remote invigilation.
  • Responsive support Our expert team offers unrivalled support to employers, centres and candidates, from first contact, through the approval process and beyond.

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Level 2 qualifications

Level 2 Accounting qualifications develop candidates’ knowledge and understanding of facts, procedures and ideas in their area of study to address straightforward problems. Candidates will identify and use relevant information to inform their actions, and are able to evaluate the success of these actions. These practical skills will form a solid foundation on which to build and advance a career in accountancy.

Accounting and Finance

Level 2 Award in Using Cloud Accounting Software

This qualification is a skills-based learning programme that explores how to set up accounting software and process routine payments and receipts.

Qualification number: 610/1489/8

Guided learning hours: 58

Total hours: 75

Accounting and Finance

Level 2 Award in the Basic Principles of Using Cloud Accounting Software

This qualification builds upon the KPA Level 2 Award in Using Cloud Accounting Software to develop candidates’ knowledge of cloud-based accounting software in addition to practical skills.

Qualification number: 610/1490/4

Guided learning hours: 75

Total hours: 99

Accounting and Finance

Level 2 Award in the Principles of Using Cloud Accounting Software for Business

This qualification builds upon the Level 2 Award in the Basic Principles of Using Cloud Accounting Software qualification and develops broader knowledge around using cloud-based accounting software that can be applied in a business setting.

Qualification number: 610/1491/6

Guided learning hours: 102

Total hours: 132

All three qualifications listed above provide candidates with an opportunity to learn practical skills and to develop knowledge at a pace that suits them, in using cloud-based accounting software. These qualifications are suitable for individuals who wish to develop their employability skills and progress into clerical or administrative roles in the accounting sector.

Level 3 qualifications

Level 3 Accounting qualifications develop candidates’ factual, procedural and theoretical knowledge of an area of study, enabling them to address well-defined problems that may be complex and non-routine. Candidates will move forward with an improved awareness of different perspectives and approaches, and the ability to interpret and evaluate information and ideas, enhancing their value to potential employers and opening new progression routes in study and employment.

Accounting and Finance

Level 3 Certificate in Pensions Administration

This qualification is designed for those working, or seeking to work, as members of the pensions team, including pension supervisors, managers, clerks, assistants and administrators. Providing staff with up-to-date training helps to avoid costly administrative errors and mitigate business risk.

Qualification number: 600/4971/6

Guided learning hours: 170

Total hours: 175

Level 4 qualifications

Level 4 Accounting qualifications develop candidates’ ability to identify, adapt and use cognitive and practical skills to address complex, non-routine problems. Candidates will develop an informed awareness of different perspectives and approaches within their area of study, and these new competencies will help to refine their performance during the next stage in their Accountancy career.

Accounting and Finance

Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance

A qualification that offers candidates the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their understanding of higher-level topics in accountancy and finance. Perfect for individuals looking to access a career in accountancy, or progress to more senior management roles.

Qualification number: 603/5883/X

Guided learning hours: 160

Total hours: 384

£1,056 for exams

£61 for certification

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Level 6 qualifications

Level 6 Accounting qualifications develop candidates' cognitive and practical skills, enabling them to determine, adapt and use appropriate methods to address complex problems. Candidates will learn to use relevant research to inform and evaluate actions, methods and results. This investment in their analytical, interpretive and evaluative skills will help to prepare candidates for the next stage in their Accountancy career.

Accounting and Finance

Level 6 Diploma in Professional Accountancy

A professional development programme, providing an in-depth understanding of accountancy, finance and business. It helps candidates build the technical knowledge, professional skills and practical experience required to progress to the Advanced level of the ICAEW/ACA qualification.

Qualification number: 603/3050/8

Guided learning hours: 711.5

Total hours: 727



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