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1. Introduction

KPA is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual), and this policy is aligned to the General Conditions of Recognition (GCR) Condition F1, Invoicing, specifically F3.2 and F3.3, which state:

“F3.2 An awarding organisation must establish, maintain, publish and comply with a written policy on invoicing.

F3.3 The policy must specify the processes to be followed by the awarding organisation in relation to the issue, payment and retention of invoices and the content of invoices.”

This policy outlines KPA’s approach to the creation, issuing and retention of invoices alongside the management of credit control and collection of debts.

1.1 Purpose and scope

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • establish an overall approach to supplying invoices
  • outline the content to be included in invoices
  • outline the procedure to be followed for credit control and collection of debts
  • establish an overall approach for the retention of invoices

This policy should be followed by any person involved with fees or invoicing for Kaplan Professional Awards.

1.2 Confidentiality

Information provided by candidates or stakeholders under this policy will be treated as confidential, and only be shared with the persons necessary when considering the claim/request.

1.3 Review of this policy

This policy will be monitored by Kaplan Professional Awards (KPA) and any necessary amendments will be made and implemented at the earliest opportunity. As a minimum, KPA will review this and all associated policies every 2 years as part of its ongoing quality assurance procedures.

2. Issuing of invoices

KPA will issue invoices within 30 days of an event which triggers an invoice. This may be upon registration of candidates or upon certification of an assessment. Where relevant, this will be agreed by the Centre and KPA and outlined within the Centre Agreement.

3. Invoice content

All invoices will include, as a minimum:

  • invoice date
  • customer name
  • company registration number (if applicable)
  • company registered address (if applicable)
  • company VAT registration number (if applicable)
  • invoice number
  • payment terms
  • VAT amount (if applicable)
  • total invoicing amount

4. Credit control and collection of debts

KPA will review any outstanding debts on a monthly basis.

Centres will receive a reminder email from KPA if payment terms have been exceeded.

Bad debts over 90 days will be regularly evaluated and may result in a centre’s ability to deliver a qualification or their centre approval being revoked.

5. Retention of invoices

Copies of invoices are retained for 7 years from date of issue.