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Level 4 Award in Cybersecurity for Business

The KPA Level 4 Award in Cybersecurity for Business is a qualification designed to help middle managers and small business owners develop a comprehensive understanding of the impact cybercrime and cybersecurity can have on their business.

With new awareness of cybersecurity threats and knowledge of the regulatory environment, candidates will be equipped with the skills to examine the security and incident response capability of their business, helping to prevent cyber attacks.

Fee (does not include a course or training)

£60 for exams

Qualification enquiry

Qualification number
3 mandatory
Guided learning hours (GLH)
Total hours

Qualification overview

This qualification is designed to help managers and business owners to understand the threats posed by cybercrime and to identify the steps that can be taken to mitigate them. Each unit incorporates an element of professional development to enhance candidates’ employability options and career progress.

The content is practical rather than academic, authored by specialist teaching practitioners and contextualised within business scenarios. A narrative approach engages the candidate through the real-life story of the impact of cybersecurity on industry.

On successful completion of this qualification, candidates will achieve a nationally recognised KPA Level 4 Award in Cybersecurity for Business (RQF) qualification and will be able to:

  • Describe current trends in human behaviour that pose risks to individual and organisational privacy and security.
  • Identify network administration management tasks to ensure organisational efficiency, continuity and information security.
  • Analyse the security of information systems and related data, and the need to apply secure maintenance practices.
  • Implement policies and procedures in accordance with national and international laws to protect information security.
  • Distinguish and mitigate vulnerabilities of the various cyber risks and frauds that face businesses.
  • Evaluate and describe organisational policies, rules, and norms with security implications.
  • Summarise the components of a business continuity plan that ensures minimal downtime and quick recovery in the face of cyber security incidents or natural disasters.

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is specifically designed for middle managers and small business owners, or those advising such businesses, who need to understand what cybercrime and cybersecurity can mean for business.

Entry requirements

This qualification is designed for candidates who are 18 and 19+ and post-secondary school. This does not exclude those who are older or have already embarked on their chosen career from entering this qualification.

Whilst there are no specific entry requirements to study this qualification, it is recommended that candidates have a good standard of English and Maths, GCSE grading 4 to 9 or equivalent.

Our centres are required to review relevant, prior qualifications and experience for each candidate and to use that information to decide whether the candidate has the necessary foundations to undertake this programme of study.

Exemptions and/or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

No prior learning is required. There are no exemptions available towards this qualification.

Delivery languages

This qualification is available in English only at this time.

In the case of applicants whose first language is not English, it is preferable to have proof of English (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent).

Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications

Entry on the Register of Regulated Qualifications

Structure and assessment

This qualification is composed of three mandatory units, which are listed in the qualification structure below. The candidate must successfully complete the required assessment to obtain the qualification certification. The total qualification time is 23 hours.

Qualification structure

Module/Unit titleAssessment methodLevelGLH
Unit 1 - Understanding cybercrime and its regulatory environmentComputer based exam46
Unit 2 - Cybercrime and Cost to business43
Unit 3 - Protecting your organisation against Cybercrime46

Assessment method

Each unit will be assessed by a computer-based examination.

Download the full specification (800KB PDF)

Training centres

This qualification is only available through KPA recognised training centres. Please contact the centre directly to find out if they are currently offering your chosen qualification.

Centres approved to run this qualification

Training centreLocationDetails
Kaplan FinancialMultiple locationsMore info

Becoming a KPA approved centre

To become an approved KPA centre you will need to meet general and specific requirements to ensure the standard and quality of the qualification delivery is maintained year on year.

Our dedicated support team will guide you through the application process and help to ensure you have all the information you need to deliver the qualification and assessment in the most effective way for your candidates.

All approved centres will be subject to ongoing regulatory processes, including centre visits, which will focus on the internal quality assurance process, management of the qualification delivery and the service provided to the candidate.

To learn more about becoming a KPA centre or working in partnership with a KPA centre, please contact us.

Documents and specification

Full details of this qualification can be downloaded below.

Qualification specification

Level 4 Award in Cybersecurity for Business qualification specification (800KB PDF)

Candidate support

It’s imperative to us that qualifications and assessments are accessible to all candidates. If you have any special needs, disabilities, temporary injuries or commitments that might impact upon your daily activities, for example pregnancy, breastfeeding or daily prayer, please notify us on registration so that we can ensure your needs are met.

KPA complies with the Equality Act 2010 and Ofqual general conditions of recognition regarding fair assessment. Our Access Arrangements policy aims to remove any unnecessary barriers to assessment that may prevent you from effectively demonstrating your competence.

You can apply for access arrangements by contacting our team to request an application form. Applications must meet the deadlines set out in the policy. If you are granted access arrangements, please inform us immediately if the circumstances related to your access arrangements change prior to your examination date.

Learn more about candidate support