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Event: eAA AI Special Interest Group - 24 March 2024

15 March 2024

Establishing ethics and responsible AI standards in assessments

In an era where AI is deeply embedded in digital learning and assessment platforms, the call for a standardised ethical framework is louder than ever. As AI transcends traditional sectors and becomes a staple in education and assessment, the implications of its use in high-stakes assessments cannot be overlooked.

Chaired by Nikki Bardsley, Head of Client Solutions and Quality at Kaplan Assessments and Kaplan Professional Awards. This inaugural SIG will include:

  • Validity and reliability: ensuring that AI-driven assessments accurately measure what they intend to.
  • Fairness: discussing how AI can facilitate access and inclusion, and how to address and prevent algorithmic bias.
  • Privacy and security: examining the standards needed to protect test-taker data and ensure secure test administration.
  • Accountability and transparency: deliberating on how to maintain stakeholder trust through clear documentation and open communication about AI processes.

For more information and registration details contact us at Kaplan Professional Awards or Kaplan Assessments.

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