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Event: VTQ Research and Reflective Practice Forum - 18 April 2024

15 March 2024

Microcredentials and lifelong learning in a dynamic world

The proliferation of digital badges has created a pressing concern: how can users discern the credibility and reliability of these microcredentials without a standardised taxonomy and secure assessment methodology?

We will explore the challenges for those without assessment expertise in distinguishing between webinars and robustly assessed credentials, considering the role of a regulated framework in navigating the landscape.

Moreover, we will consider the verifiable CPD requirements in professional sectors and the importance of robust assessment. Is there a case for stacking microcredentials towards a larger accreditation, similar to a modular approach already used with VTQs?

To illustrate these concepts, we will explore the methodology employed currently by organisations, raising important questions about credential value and recognition.

Key questions

What defines the credential landscape?

How can we differentiate skills acquisition?

How can we support robust CPD and life-long learning?

What insights can we draw from current practice?


We anticipate a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with microcredentials and insights into potential solutions. We hope to foster a robust dialogue among participants and work towards a shared vision of how to ensure the value and integrity of microcredentials in today's evolving learning landscape.

KPA will host this exploratory round table in Birmingham alongside Micro-credential specialists Learning Vault.

For more information and registration details contact us at Kaplan Professional Awards or Kaplan Assessments.

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